Belt Sizing How-To

traditional fit belt sizing instructions

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Belt Sizing How-To

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Belt Sizing How-To

We have two different buckle fitting systems. Either buckle styles can be ordered, depending on your needs and taste. Any questions about fitting systems or sizing can be sent to


Traditional Fitting System (Single Prong)

Our second fitting system is what we refer to as ‘Traditional Fit’. This is the oldest and most widely used belt/buckle fitting system on the planet. There is a bar across the back of the buckle and a single prong hook to secure the belt during wear. The leather strap is secured to a bar and runs back through the belt buckle and out the other side when worn. **This buckle style only fits 1.5″ width belt straps.

This buckle style fits:
– Traditional Fit Leather belt straps (Only black or white available)
– All Full Exotic belt straps

Traditional Fit Sizing Instructions (Single Prong)

traditional fit belt sizing instructions or guide

59 Style (Two Prong)

 ’59 Style’ is our original fitting system and completely unique to our brand. This fitting style is sleek and clean with the belt strap beginning and ending under the belt buckle. No more bulky metal bar across the back of the buckle or extra belt material to deal with.

This buckle style fits:
– 59 Style leather belt straps available in a variety of colors. See HERE
– Any Full Exotic belt straps on our website can also be ordered and made in this fitting style

59 Style Sizing Instructions (Two Prong)

59 belts sizing instructions

Sizing Instructions Using an Old 59 Style Strap

59 style two-prong belt sizing from an old 59 belt


Buckle Dimensions

59 custom belt buckle dimensions


We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email –

Thank You!

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