59 Buckle Glossary

59 Buckle Glossary & Specs

To Inquire about a custom project, or to ask any questions about our products, email: Trevor@59belts.com


59 Stainless Steel ‘Grinder’ Series – Est. 2007

The original ’59’ belt buckle line launched on the LPGA Tour in 2007. The idea behind the ’59 buckle’ was to build a visually stunning piece that would be highly customizable, but also made to literally last a lifetime. Our  303 stainless steel belt buckles are virtually bullet proof and built to last a lifetime. Stainless Steel is still the backbone of our line over 8 years later due to it’s timeless look and durability. Each ’59’ belt buckle is individually machine-milled to precise specifications from solid stainless steel stock, then meticulously brushed or hand polished to a stunning mirror-like finish.  *Parts guaranteed for the lifetime of the buckle.  100% AMERICAN MADE


Stainless Steel / Classic Mill  (Logo Raised with borders)

59 Buckle Stainless Steel

Constant & True Custom 59 Buckle – Stainless Steel (Classic Mill)

Stainless Steel / Reverse Mill (Logo Recessed)

Shadow Creek Custom 59 Buckle - Stainless Steel (Reverse Mill)

Reverse mill Stainless Steel belt buckle by 59 belts



59 ‘PLAYER’ Series (Aluminum) – Est. 2010

In the Spring of 2010 we directed our effort into creating a more affordable custom alternative to our lineup. After some experiments and testing the ‘59 Player’ line was born. This line of buckles is also individually CNC milled, but from solid aluminum stock and are perfect for those looking to add a little more color to their buckle game. Available in a variety of powder coat options including multiple powder coat offerings like the custom Texas themed buckle at bottom.

Proudly 100% USA Made.
*Parts Guaranteed for the life of your buckle


Aluminum / Classic Mill (Logo Raised)


Custom Team 59 Buckle – Aluminum (Classic Mill)


Aluminum / Reverse Mill (logo recessed)


2015 Walker Cup Team USA Belt Buckles – Aluminum (Reverse Mill)


Aluminum / Random Milling – 3 Powder


Texas ‘MN’ Custom 59 Buckle – Aluminum (Special Mill)


Aluminum / Reverse Mill – Brushed (Best low-cost option for tournament & events)

Rosapenna Belt Buckle

Custom Aluminum Belt Buckle – Reverse Mill

Rosapenna Belt Buckle

Personalized Belt Buckle Engraving on Back of Buckle



59 ‘Exotic’ Series – Est. 2015

Our latest entry into the custom belt buckle arena is our Exotic collection. These belt buckles are constructed from solid exotic materials such as Copper, Damascus Steel and Mokume Gane. As always, there are no shortcuts taken, no lack of effort given in creating these truly unique belt buckles. Custom inquiries are welcome, email: trevor@59belts.com for more info.


Damascus Steel / Reverse Mill (Logo recessed)


Circle H Custom Belt Buckle – Damascus Steel (Reverse Mill)


Mokume Gane  / Classic Mill  (Logo Raised with borders)



Buckle Dimensions

59 Belt Buckle Dimensions

59 Belt Buckles – Mini & Standard Size / (Image: Stainless Steel Reverse Mill)


Buckle Styles