59 FAQ

59 Belts Frequently Asked Questions

Find helpful answers to our most asked questions.  If you can’t find what you are looking for we are more than happy to help with any questions, simply email – info@59Belts.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Do you have a minimum order requirement for custom buckle orders?
We have a minimum order requirement of 30 belt buckles of any design or style. All of our buckles are CNC Milled one at a time and hand-finished in the USA. Larger orders are offered at better ‘volume’ pricing.

I am thinking of a custom logo that I would like 59Belts to have made into a buckle. Can you do that?
Creating One-of-a-kind custom belt buckles is what we are known for. As long as there are no trademark or copyright concerns, we can create a custom buckle from almost any design. Simply contact us at customlogo@59belts.com and include your logo image or design, number of buckles needed (30 buckle MOQ), and we will provide you with a quote.

What are my custom buckle material & finishing options?
Our most popular buckle materials are milled from solid stainless steel or aluminum stock. Stainless buckles are offered in polished, brushed finishes. Aluminum buckles are typically powder coated to offer a more colorful alternative than stainless. We also have an exotic material line for those who are looking for something even more unique.

What are the additional Charges for multi-colored buckles?
Most buckles we create are single-colored (powder coat) to save on costs and pricing to our customers. If you have a buckle design that requires multiple powder coat colors, you can expect to pay $25 for each additional powder. *Note – Sometimes for more intricate buckles that require powder are not possible. We do our best, but we do have some limitations when it comes to powder coating as some jobs are simply impossible.

How do I measure to fit a 59 Belt?
Follow these instructions below to the nearest half-inch size. **Due to pant and belt sizing inconsistencies from manufacturer to manufacturer, we cannot take ‘normal’ or ‘regular’ belt sizing. Measure once, cut once is our motto.

What type of file do we need to work from?
We prefer to work from a PDF or AI file if possible. If not, a jpg, tiff, png will work. We cannot work from an image or DST (embroidery) file. Submit a new design for a quick buckle quote HERE

Do you create or help with buckle design?
We are not a design studio, but we can help make concepts come to fruition if we are provided with artwork or a concept sketch. Additional fees may apply.


59 Style (two-prong) sizing Instructions

59 belts sizing instructions


Traditional Fit (single-prong) sizing instructions

traditional fit belt sizing instructions


What type of fitting system should I order?
We have two different fitting systems depending on your needs. ’59 Style’ (two-prong) is the original fitting system that we devised to fit belt straps onto our belt buckles. 59 Style is 100% unique to our brand and a very clean and sleek fit.  ‘Traditional fit’ (single-prong) is the most common fitting system in the world and has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years. If you have existing belt straps that you want to wear a 59 buckle on, we can make a buckle to fit your belt(s). If you prefer a more slick and clean fit for your belts, we suggest you choose ’59 Style’ for your purchase.

59 Belt Fitting Systems
59 belts two prong buckle style fitting system59 belts traditional fit buckle style fitting system


Do you make buckles that fit traditional/interchangeable style straps?
Yes, our ‘traditional fit’ buckles to fit standard style 1.5” width belt straps.

Traditional Fit Style Buckle Back With Engraving

traditional bar style belt buckle


What are the buckle and belt dimensions?
Mini buckle size: 1-7/8″ x 2-7/8″ / 46mm x 72mm
Standard buckle size: 2-1/8″ x 3-1/8″ / 55mm x 80mm

How much do your buckles weigh?
Our Custom ‘59’ Stainless Steel buckles are surprisingly light weighing in around 135 grams. Our Custom ‘59’ aluminum buckles “Player Series” are approximately 70 grams. The exact weight is highly dependent on individual buckle design.

How long does it take to make a custom buckle?
Depending on our workload, 3-4 weeks. We do accept rush orders if time permits. (Express manufacturing and shipping fees will apply).

Do you ship overseas, and what are your shipping fees?
YES. We ship anywhere on the globe. Regular shipping rates range from $25-$50 for standard overseas deliveries.

How much will I pay for a custom logo 59 Belt buckle?
Custom belt buckles pricing depends largely on the material and design intricacy. To get a quick quote, please submit your design and questions to us at Customlogo@59belts.com. We will follow up quickly with accurate pricing and sample images of other buckles we have done to show you some styling and finishing options.

Can I wear my belts on a custom 59 buckle?
YES, we can create a belt buckle to fit on your traditional belt straps 1.5” in width ONLY. If you have a custom project for us to create, we can build a buckle to fit onto your collection of straps.

How long does it take to receive a special order Exotic or Hybrid Strap?
Exotic Straps are usually on a two-week turnaround, plus shipping. Our custom buckles and straps are largely hand made to exact customer specifications, not mass-produced. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

How can I replace my belt or add to my collection?
Additional straps can be ordered individually on our website at www.59belts.com.

Do you carry over-length belt sizing?
Yes, we usually have a few over-length ’59 Style’ (two-prong) belt straps in stock in some of our more popular colors (white, black, brown). We can order almost any length in exotic skin. Over-length fees on exotic belts is 25% over regular retail pricing.

Do all ’59’ belt straps have the 59 logo on them or can I order one without?
We do have Black and White straps available without any 59 stampings on them. Our standard leather straps are ordered in quantity from our supplier with the ‘59’ foil logo on them in one spot on the strap (right hip). **Exotic straps do not have any logos on the outside of the strap.

Does your 59 logo have to be on my custom buckle?
We work extremely hard to produce a unique one-of-a-kind product and place a small 59 on the buckle for branding purposes. We do have a ‘non-logo’ fee for those who are deeply concerned.

I have questions I cannot find any answers for. Where can I get more info?
If you have a question you think could be added to our Custom FAQ link, please email us at the address above, and we will do our best to implement them. For all other inquiries, please email: customerservice@59belts.com