The Genesis of 59

The Beginning

‘59’ began as a flicker of inspiration in the fall of 2006. Noticing recent fashion trends on the lesson tee, golf instructor Trevor Derrheim (Founder) began creating the first ‘true custom’ belt buckle in the game. Armed with determination and a clear vision of what the finished product would look like, Derrheim slowly took the steps towards what 59 is today. Since day one, each and every 59 buckle has been individually CNC milled and hand-finished in the USA. There’s nothing like a 59!

Born on Tour

After 9 months of prototyping and testing, ’59’ was officially introduced at the 2007 LPGA Canadian Women’s Open. 19 competitors geared up in 59 wearing one of the original 23 stainless-steel ‘Canuck’ buckles. Lorena Ochoa (pictured above) won that event and became our first Professional Tour Winner. Dreams do come true!

lorena ochoa canadian women's open champion 2007

Lorena Ochoa – Canadian Women’s Open Champion 2007 (Custom Stainless Canuck Buckle)

Fun ’59’ Facts

  • After pondering the brand name of ’59’ for month, the name was solidified after reaching into a pocket, only to dig out a single USA penny dated ‘1959’, then the exact same occurrence happened with a Canadian Penny while visiting Canada a few months later. That Penny dated ‘1959’ as well. Fate had spoken!
  • 59 was the first company in the golf industry to cnc-mill belt buckles and the first to create true ‘custom’ one-off belt buckles
  • 59 was debuted on the LPGA Tour at the Canadian Women’s Open in 2007 
  • Canadian LPGA Tour player Alena Sharp STILL wears the buckle she got that first week almost 9 years ago!
  • Official ’59’ Launch – Aug/13/2007 – Coincidentally the day after Tiger Woods secured his 59th PGA Tour win and 13th Major
  • Lorena Ochoa was the first Tour player to win in ’59’  – Aug/19/2007 Canadian Women’s Open (Debut week for ’59’)
  • First PGA Tour Player to Win wearing 59 – Brian Gay (2008)
  • In 2008 NO PGA Tour Players had belts written into their contracts. Today over 50% have belts written into their contracts
  • Rickie, Jordan, Rory, Danny, Morgan, Patrick and Justin were all #59Crew before they signed deals after turning Pro
  • Proud supplier of the USA Walker Cup Team in 2011 & 2015
  • Sponsorship dollars spent on player endorsements since 2007 – $0 
  • Players who have shot 59 that are #59Crew member – Jason Gore / Annika Sorenstam / Stuart Appleby
  • 59 Has been shot 8 times on the PGA Tour & only 1 time on the LPGA Tour in the history of the game