Buckle Styles & Belt Sizing

59 Buckle Styles & Fitting


We have two different buckle fitting systems. Either buckle styles can be ordered, depending on your needs and taste.

The first one ’59 Style’ is our original fitting system and totally unique to 59 as we created it. The belt strap begins and ends under the belt buckle which means the buckle and belt sit very true and flush to your body.

This buckle style fits:
– 59 Style leather belt straps (various colors)
– Any genuine Exotic belt strap can be ordered in 59 Style


Our second fitting system is what we call ‘Traditional Fit’. This is the oldest and most widely used belt/buckle fitting system. There is a bar across the back of the buckle and a single prong. The leather strap is secured to a bar and runs back through the belt buckle and out the other side when worn. **We currently only have this style available to fit 1.5″ belt straps.

This buckle style fits:
– Traditional Fit black or white belt straps only
– All genuine Exotic belt straps
– All Hybrid Exotic belt straps
– All Double-Cross belt straps



59 Belt Sizing Instructions

Below you will see THREE different sets of instructions to size your belt. Please find the sizing guide that works best for you and then submit your sizing when you place your order. We do follow up to confirm sizing on EVERY order.  Therefore, if you cannot finalize your sizing, we will be happy to help you finalize your sizing when we follow up.  Worry FREE ordering.. We got you!



59 Style Sizing (Two Prong) – New Customer


59 Style (Two Prong) – Sizing From Old 59 Style Strap


Traditional Fit (Single Prong)

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email – trevor@59belts.com

Thank You!