AYFKM!? Golf Belt Buckle - White

59 AYFKM Player Golf Belt Buckle


A.Y.F.K.M?! – The natural reactive posture of a golfer who finds himself in a situation of hopelessness or disbelief. (In a divot, plugged in the bunker, stymied behind a tree, no stance, no shot, etc.) The full AYFKM (Both hands on hips) is usually ill timed, which only adds to the absolute disparity of the situation. Purchase details below.


59 AYFKM Player Golf Belt Buckle

Purchase Details

  • This buckle can also be made to fit traditional (single prong) belt straps 1.5″ in width – Email: to special order
  • Buckle sold individually – Select strap after adding buckle to cart (if needed)


  • Buckle Dimensions: Standard – 55mm x 80mm
  • Individually CNC Machine Milled from solid Aluminum stock and proudly made in the USA

Finish Options
              Black     |           Murdered Out        |           White        |       Whited Out   |    Brushed Aluminum
59 Belt Buckle Finishes

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