Exotic Crocodile Belt Strap - Grey
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Authentic Caiman Crocodile Exotic Golf Belts


Crocodile skin is a favorite amongst high fashion houses due to it’s durability, rugged looks and surprisingly supple touch. 59 Croc is raised in South America, handmade in the USA, and PGA Tour proven worldwide.

All Exotic straps are custom made to your specs to fit either a traditional single prong buckle or a ’59 Style’ two prong buckle. Select your strap ‘style’ in the selection menu below. Traditional style straps come with one of our slick new stainless steel single prong buckles. **59 Style straps do not come with a buckle.

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Authentic Caiman Crocodile Exotic Golf Belts

**We will follow up with you to confirm your order and to confirm sizing. Any possible mistakes in ordering will be rectified when we follow up.

Product Description

  • Handmade in the USA by highly skilled Craftsmen from only the finest materials and Caiman Crocodile skins available
  • Custom made to fit either traditional single prong or 59 style buckles
  • Two week delivery on custom orders
  • Note: Each exotic strap in our lineup is individual in skin pattern and color characteristics. Sample images provide a ‘closest to’ finished product that is possible – Actual strap pattern and color might slightly vary

Value Added

  • Each Exotic belt strap includes a quality stainless steel buckle of choice

Crocodile Colors
Black / White / Grey / Bone / Navy / Denim / Electric Blue / Brown / Chestnut / Cognac / Sand / Buttercup / Olive / Masters Green / Wine / Red/ Purple / Pink / Yellow / Lime


Traditional Fit Belt Sizing Instructions

59 Style Belt Sizing Instructions

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