59 Hybrid Exotic Grey Lizard & Black Calf With Grey Stitch Golf Belt
Traditional Stainless Steel Buckle - Polished Chrome (Logo'd)Traditional Stainless Steel Buckle - Black Chrome (Logo'd)Traditional Stainless Steel Buckle - Polished ChromeTraditional Stainless Steel Buckle - Black Chrome59 Tour Belt Bag - Black59 Hybrid Exotic Black Lizard & Camo Calf Golf Belt59 Hybrid Exotic Grey Lizard & Grey Calf Golf-Belt59 Hybrid Exotic Black Lizard & Black Calf With White Stitch59 Hybrid Exotic White Lizard & Black Calf With White Stitch59 Hybrid Exotic Electric Blue Lizard & White Calf With Blue Stitch59 Hybrid Exotic Purple Lizard & Tan Calf With Black Stitch59 Hybrid Exotic Grey Lizard & Black Calf With Grey Stitch Golf BeltLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-BlackLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-WhiteLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-Slate-GreyLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-GreyLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-BrownLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-WineLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-CognacLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-SandLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-BoneLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-DenimLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-Electric-BlueLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-SkyLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-TurquoiseLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-PurpleLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-PinkLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-RedLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-OrangeLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-YellowLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-GreenLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-OliveLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-Black-WhiteLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-Black-SandLizard-Exotic-Belt-Strap-Gloss-Black-SkyItalian-Calf-Leather-BlackItalian-Calf-Leather-WhiteItalian-Calf-Leather-BrownItalian-Calf-Leather-NavyItalian-Calf-Leather-CognacItalian-Calf-Leather-RedPebble-Calf-Leather-BlackPebble-Calf-Leather-WhitePebble-Calf-Leather-GreyPebble-Calf-Leather-ChocolatePebble-Calf-Leather-CocoaPebble-Calf-Leather-TanPebble-Calf-Leather-NavyPebble-Calf-Leather-CobaltPebble-Calf-Leather-AquaPebble-Calf-Leather-PurplePebble-Calf-Leather-PeriwinklePebble-Calf-Leather-CherryPebble-Calf-Leather-RedPebble-Calf-Leather-OrangePebble-Calf-Leather-GrassPebble-Calf-Leather-LimePebble-Calf-Leather-YellowPebble-Calf-Leather-Pale-MochaPebble-Calf-Leather-Bone

59 Hybrid Authentic Lizard Golf Belts


Introducing the most unique belt line in the game – the ’59 Hybrid’! Combine and create a belt strap that is 100% unique to you. Build ‘your’ 59 Hybrid strap from Italian Calf and Lizard colors, then finish it off with custom stitch, edge paint and buckle options. Belt shopping has never been this much fun!

Stainless Steel buckle (with or without ‘Fifty Nine’ logo) included with purchase

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59 Hybrid – Lizard & Calf

Product Description

  • ’59 Hybrid’ straps combine Italian or Pebble Calf ‘body’ of the strap with a stylish Exotic skin finished ‘tip’ of your choice
  • Handmade by highly skilled Craftsmen in the USA from only the finest materials and Lizard skins available
  • Stylish belt end shape (totally unique to 59) so people know you are wearing quality
  • Note: Each and every exotic strap in our lineup is individual in skin pattern and color characteristics. Sample images provide a ‘closest to’ finished product that is possible – Actual strap pattern and color might slightly vary
  • It is our goal to deliver custom orders in 2 weeks if possible

Value Added

  • Each Exotic belt strap includes a quality stainless steel buckle of choice & our ’59 Tour’ belt bag

Lizard Colors (in order of sample images)
Black / White / Slate Grey / Grey / Brown / Wine / Cognac / Sand / Bone / Navy / Denim Blue / Electric Blue / Sky / Turquoise / Purple / Pink / Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Olive / Black & White / Black & Sand / Black & Sky / Lime

Italian & Pebble Calf Colors
Black / Grey / Chocolate / Cocoa / Tan / Pale Mocha / Bone / White / Cobalt / Aqua / Purple / Cherry / Red / Periwinkle / Green / Lime / Orange / Yellow / Navy


59 Belt Sizing Instructions

59-Belts - Sizing-Guide

59 Belts – Sizing Instructions

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