Why 59

Why 59?

59 was founded and launched as a golf brand way back in 2007. The score ’59’ is golf’s magic number and signifies perfection in mind, body and soul. Being great takes an extreme amount of commitment, time and effort. That is what 59 is about..  It’s not a number, it’s a way of life. 


Our Commitment

Our goal since inception has been to create product that are unmatched in our market. To accomplish that, we chose a path that didn’t follow conventional manufacturing practices with the goal of mass retail sales at the lowest possible costs. You will find that a lot of our ‘styling’ is entirely unique to 59. From the materials we use, to the look and ‘feel’ of our custom (USA MADE) milled buckles, or even the sleek attachment system that we created for a better, more comfortable fit. The difference is about the pursuit to be better in every way.  

– 59 HQ